Magazines, Posters, Billboards

1900 – 1950’s

Radio, TV, Telephones, Direct Mail

1950’s – 1995

Mobile, Desktops, Social Media

1995 – Today

. . . Marketing has evolved.

The average person spends 20-30 mins a day on social media. The question is, does your organization spend time on there?

Do you know you need to be on social media, but not sure on how to get started? We can help!



  • Virtual Meeting Attendance
  • Conceptualize Objectives
  • Photo Editing

Social Media Management

  • Content Writing
  • Growth
  • Post Scheduling

Advertising & Copywriting

  • Social Ads
  • Brand Consistency
  • Campaign Budgeting helped us, within a three month period, jump 37% in growth. That is an 18% growth every single weekend! Without a doubt, is the way to go...You want to sign up and you want to sign up fast!

Brandon BarberLead Pastor // Elevate People

“Over the last couple of months utilizing Deka, we’ve witnessed a paramount increase of growth and visitors that we could’ve never known or created the traffic had it not been for these guys! They truly have revolutionized & increased our growth platforms in ways we didn’t think possible! Absolutely blown away. We've grown by 60 families in just over 3 months!”

Mark MorenoLead Pastor // Journey Church

One of the most powerful tools we have added to evangelically reach our city is our partnership with They have taken our vision and put it into motion on Instagram. We are growing by at least 7 new people weekly! That’s power!!

Rodrigo VargasLead Pastor // Union Houston
Download Full Union Houston Case Study

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We help organizations simplify social & build relationships with people they've never met. We provide UNIQUE low monthly pricing because every organization is UNIQUE.

Reach out today to get a custom proposal!

Save Money

One of the main social solutions we provide is our price.

…we know how much it costs to hire an internal social media staff member.

The average salary is over $50K

But we costs much less…Like WAY less!

So if this sounds interesting.

Give us a buzz…

Build Relationships

The biggest issues organizations face are relationships….

…Real ones.

Here at DEKA we believe we move at the speed of relationships.

We believes that’s true for your organization too.

…Think about it. What would your organization be without relationships?

But what are you doing to build those relationships?

We get it…that takes time.

…And we know you are super busy, which is why we started DEKA social!