We exist to provide excellent payment software and help organizations save money & steward resources to make a difference with every dollar.  Even their payment processing!

Increasing Income

We strive to understand every customer and equip them with the processing tools to simplify their giving and/or payment process.

For churches we have developed a simple yet robust giving solution.  Alongside the solution we offer our Deka Difference program to help church’s grow their income and businesses make a difference with their processing.

Save Money

We love saving organizations money.  We know that saving you money means more dollars making a difference.  We guarantee we can do the same for you through our processing rates and low subscription costs.

Make a Difference

Finally a giving platform and payment processor that gives back to missions!  Deka in the Greek means “tithe” and giving back is the heart of Deka.  We dedicate a large percentage of our income to missions and giving back.  Now a major portion of your payment processing goes to missions as well!

Our Processors

  • In business for over 20 years
  • 140,000 merchants served nationwide
  • Over 24 Billion in processing volume each year
  • 100% PCI compliant, tested solutions

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